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First in India Body worn lights for the Rachakonda Traffic Police

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First in India Body worn lights for the Rachakonda Traffic Police

The Hyderabad Rachakonda Traffic crew to get body- worn lights soon. So far we have seen the traffic crew wearing body- worn cameras on Hyderabad city roads, but now we are going to see the traffic crew with body- worn lights. Rachakonda Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat came up with this idea of body- worn lights in order to control the dangers traffic police are facing while doing their duties. Many traffic police are meeting with accidents from other high speed vehicles on highways while clearing the roads during accidents. In order to avoid such misfortunate happenings, the officials have come up with this idea. For the first time in the country, the Rachakonda Commissionerate Traffic Police are going to use them. Traffic crew is going to wear these lights on their shoulders. These lights are especially useful in the dark areas or roads where there are no streetlights. These lights have the capability to look up to about a kilometer in the dark. These lights also work as torch lights. They are specially brought from America as these are not used untill now in the country. Each light costs about 12 thousand rupees. The lighting from these lights also helps in helicopter landing in the dark nights. In the near future, even the police officials will also use these body- worn lights while doing their duties. 

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