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All You Need to Know About Hyderabad Metro Train Ticket Prices!

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Hyderabad metro fares range between Rs 10/- to 60/-. The minimum fare is fixed as Rs 10/- for the distance up to 2 kms. The maximum fare is fixed as Rs.60/- and it covers a distance of 26 Kms. From 2-4 km the fare is fixed as Rs 15/-, for 4-6 km, the charge would be Rs.25/-, for 6-8 km, the faire would be Rs.30/-, for a distance of 8-10 kms, the charge would be Rs.35/-, from 10-14 kms the fare is fixed as Rs. 40/-, from distance of 14-18, the fair is Rs.45/-, from 18-22, the charge is Rs. 50/- and from 22-26 kms, they would charge Rs.55/-. There won’t be any charges or fare for infants and small kids. Travelling without card and token may leads to a fine of Rs 50 and the people are also sent to jail. In the initial stages the metro would be run from 6 Am to 10 PM and in later stages the timings would be changing depending on the demand and Traffic.
Hyderabad Metro Ticket Charges
S.No Kilometers Price / Km
1 2-4 km 15/-
2 4-6 km 25/-
3 6-8 km 30/-
4 8-10 km 35/-
5 10-14 km 40/-
6 14-18 km 45/-
7 18-22 km 50/-
8 22-26 km 55/-

Several arrangements are also made in metro stations for the convenience of different age groups and people. Metro stations are also used as foot over bridges for people who want to cross the roads. Security checks are performed before entering into the station with different equipments like X-ray baggage scanner and door frame metal detector. Each stations contain over 70 CC cameras and an international based surveillance system. Each and every move of yours is recorded in CC cameras and hence it is important to behave properly according to the metro act.Special arrangements are made at metro station for elders, disabled, people with hearing problems and others to make them travel comfortably. In Metro station the platforms are built in a flat way so that the wheel chairs of the disabled people can be taken easily to the lifts. The platforms at station are also built in a special way to avoid the wheelchairs falling. Wide doors and automatic doors are provided so that the disabled people can enter the metro train along with their wheel chairs. The facility of folding and locking the wheelchairs in metro train is also provided for the disabled people.Especially for the blind people, for their convenience the information the lift keys is written in braile language. Special tiles have been used in the station for tectile strip affect. Sign boards have been used in the station for uneducated people.

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