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New speed limits on Hyderabad roads

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Hyderabad traffic authorities have decided to set uniform speed limits for vehicles on the city roads. Authorities have decided to end the issue of varying speed limits across the roads in the city.

To control road mishappenings, officials plan to impose different speed limits for different vehicles. On Saturday, a joint meet is held by Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) A V Ranganath, Cyberabad and Rachkonda DCPs, GHMC, and HMDA traffic officials.

Mr. Ranganath said that the maximum speed limit on the PVNR Expressway is set to 80 kmph. Whereas on the ORR, the speed limit is set to 100 kmph. The permitted speed limit on the internal roads, i.e., lanes and bylanes will be 35 kmph. The officials said the motorists should not exceed the speed limit of 35 kmph.

According to the new rules, on the city main roads with median, the speed limit for four-wheelers is set to 60 kmph. For two-wheelers, the speed limit on these roads is set to 50 kmph. On the roads without a median, the speed limit for heavy vehicles is set to 50 kmph. For small vehicles like bikes, auto, buss, and lorries, the speed limit is 40kmph.

Made changes in Hyderbad Traffic Challans

Traffic police have also changed the levy of fines for overspeeding. Currently, Rs.1400 is charged for overspeeding for all the vehicles. But now, officials have decided to charge fewer penalties for two-wheelers and more charges on heavy load vehicles. From now on, the two-wheelers are charged Rs.300. Cars, Autos, SUV cars will be charged Rs.500 and other heavy vehicles like bus, DCM and lorries will be charged fine of Rs.700. Furthermore, the extra-fine will be charged based on the exceeding speed limit i.e., overspeeding by 10, 20, 30 kmph.

Source: Eenadu Epaper.

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