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Maruti Suzuki’s launched new automated traffic violation detection systems

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Maruti Suzuki to improve road safety, to reduce mishaps at traffic signals, for the safety of the pedestrian crossing the road and provide motorists safe driving, built a completely automated system. This automated system covers everything starting from identifying motorists driving at a high speed to traffic violations to issuing e- challan. Thereby this system helps in increasing the awareness of pedestrian safety and also for smooth traffic management.

How does this system work

This system has sophisticated 3D radars and more than 100 high-quality cameras to examine vehicles and detect traffic violations. These cameras detect vehicles jumping the red signal, driving at high speed and crossing the stop line. It further recognizes the registration number of violating vehicles and sends the information to the Delhi Traffic Police headquarters. This system also sends e-challan along with photo evidence through SMS /email/post. Moreover, it is capable of data analysis and generating reports of the violations. Another advantage of this system is that it can work 24×7.

Rs 16 crores under CSR

With the help of Delhi police and under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Maruti launched this Red-Light Violation Detection (RLVD) and Speed Violation Detection (SVD) systems. Maruti Suzuki has invested Rs 16 crore to set up these systems and launched them recently. This highly automated system is expected to increase discipline among motorists and promotes awareness about following of traffic rules. This system is set up at 9 traffic junctions between DhaulaKuan and Sarah Kale Khan. This is the first time that this type of system is set up in the National Capital Region (NCR).

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