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Beware of your vehicles making more noise beyond the limit

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Does your vehicle make noise beyond the limit? then you should get it checked immediately. A case will be booked if you get caught by the police. The traffic police are now provided equipment to detect vehicle noise level.

Vehicles which are old and have engines scattered makes a lot of noise and causes more pollution. In addition, few young people replace the silencers which they got with their vehicles with others to make more sounds. Even the autos are making a lot of noise because of the usage of poor quality fuel. All these are worsening sound pollution day by day in the city. Until now, even though the traffic police came across such vehicles, they did not take any actions as they did not have any equipment to measure the noise level.

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Sound Level Meter (SLM): The sound level meter which is developed by Cirrus organization used to measures the noise levels in decibels. It records the sound intensity while the vehicle is about two to three meters away based on the racing and horn of the vehicle. The noise level of the vehicle is considered according to the Motor Vehicle Act of Limit and provides the bill which includes vehicle number, owner name and phone number along with the name of the witness available. This receipt or bill acts as a proof to prove the case. This kit which is worth around Rs.2.5 lakhs consists of a calibrator, cable, printer, pen drive, and charger along with the SLM.

At present, SLM is available in two stations

In the past, the police let off the vehicles which are making more noise as they did not have any required equipment. If the noise level is too much, the motorists were just penalized. At present, the city traffic police have completed the demo session of the sound level meter (SLM) and made these available in two police stations in the first phase. Currently, this SLM kit is handed over to Saifabad and S R Nagar traffic police. Recently, the traffic police staff was trained by the representatives of the Cirrus organization for two days at the Traffic Control Room in Nampally. Recently imposing penalties on the vehicles with high noise levels got started. The vehicles which crossed the prescribed decibel levels are now being penalized with Rs. 1000/-. Though these SLMs are used widely in different cities in our country, this is the first time in our Telangana state. Depending on the results, these SLM kits will be provided to other stations.


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