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Hyderabad is getting ready for two heavy steel flyovers to get relief from Traffic hardships

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Hyderabad is getting ready for two heavy steel flyovers to get relief from Traffic hardships

For the first time in the Hyderabad city, The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is getting ready to construct two heavy steel bridges. On this regards, officials are examining the tenders and by the end of 2020 their services will be available said the Baldia Engineering Department.

Relaxations in the Tenders

The Construction firms did not come front for the tenders claiming that the rules were too hard for this project. In this regard, the Baldia after receiving permission from the state government announced few relaxations in the tenders for expediting the project. With these relaxations, some construction companies came forward and filed for tenders.

SRDP with Rs.25000 Crores  

Traffic is increasing in the range of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). To reach the traffic requirements, Baldia decided to develop the city road system. Baldia developed a strategic road development program (SRDP) in the year 2016 with an estimated cost of Rs 25000 crore. As a part of this, the authorities have already modernized several junctions. These are the roads which were already wide.

The expansion of a few roads became challenging

Expansion of narrow roads between Indira Park – VST junction road and Nalgonda X- road- Owaisi hospital road became challenging for some time for the officials. Officers have made several options to complete the expansion of the project with less land acquisition and without stopping the traffic flow. The officials decided to build a steel flyover, even though the construction cost is almost 40 percent more when compared to the traditional methods. The government has given its approval for the proposal and the administration has begun the process of tenders in the August 2018.However, no one has applied for the tender and this is mainly because of a rule or say condition that only those construction companies who have experience of building full fledge steel flyovers can apply for the tender. Later this regulation was eased and the Government decided to permit those companies who have used steel bars in concrete flyovers construction.

Two flyovers of four lanes

Both the RTC ‘x’ road and Nalgonda crossroad flyovers will be constructed as four- lane bidirectional bridges. With the flyover built between Indira Park and VST junction via RTC x road, four junctions will get relief from traffic hardships. With the flyover built between Nalgonda x roads to Owaisi hospital via Chanchalguda, Saidabad and Santhoshnagar, all the junctions in this route will get relieved from traffic chaos. All the vehicles who bard the flyover can go smoothly without any jams.

Flyovers to be built 60 meters above the ground level 

As there is a Metro Rail route in the RTC x road junction, the flyover between Indira Park and VST junction will be built at a height of 60 meters. The second level elevation bridge between Ramnagar-Baglingampalli at VST Junction for the traffic flow will also be built almost at the same height.

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