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How To Control Traffic Congestion in The City?

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 Traffic Congestion can be controlled in the City is Possible with Governments Dedication,  says Dr. C.Ramachandraiah, Traffic Expert, Professor

Governments are building bridges and underpasses to solve the traffic problem in the city. Traffic congestion did not get controlled even with the arrival of Metro. The Government should set up Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) just like it is in Ahmadabad. Along with air and sound pollution, valuable time is also getting wasted due to heavy traffic. No political parties are talking about public transportation. Buses play a major role in public transport. To meet the needs of the public we need at least 5000 buses, but we have only 3000 buses. Most importantly half of these buses are old buses and new buses will be sanctioned only with the support of the government. We also need 4000 traffic police staff, whereas we only have 1500 staff right now.

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