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Lack of Public Transport after Midnight for Hyderabad People

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Lack of Public Transport after Midnight is the major concern for Hyderabadis…

Lack of public transportation after 11 PM is becoming a major concern for people in Hyderabad. The situation didn’t get better even after the arrival of the Metro. Autowalas and cab drivers are demanding extra fare after 10 PM.

As we all know, Hyderabadis work 24/7. There are many multinational companies in Hyderabad and lakhs of people work both day and night shifts. In this condition, the availability of public transport facility is must at night times to assist employees to reach their destinations. Sadly, this is not the case in Hyderabad. After 10 PM, there is no availability of Public transport in the Hyderabad. More than half of the RTC buses stopped services and reach Bus depots by 9 pm. Though few buses run between Secunderabad to some areas after 11.30 PM, the remaining areas do not have any public transportation facility. Even the MMTS trains are also not available after 10.30 pm. Many people thought that the Metro can bring relief to this condition, but in contrary, the last trip of the metro train starts at 10.30 PM which reaches its last destination at approximately 11 PM. Eventually, due to lack of public transportation facility, people are approaching Autowalas and cab drivers who are demanding extra fair during these late hours.

Daily 3550 buses are running in the city. In which 40 thousand busses travel 10 lakh kilometers taking 33 lakh passengers to their destinations from morning to 9 PM. Others apart from the above listed run lately or run between only a few areas. Before 6 years, the RTC buses were available until late midnight and served the passengers. Whereas now the situation is changed, RTC is running in heavy losses. RTC did not receive any help from the Government and even the GHMC did not compensate city RTC losses this year. Despite the fact that the public transportation will not be in profits anywhere, the Government declared that RTC should only get itself cleared from all the losses. Due to this severe loss, RTC has stopped many services where the number of passengers traveling in RTC is low and has also stopped the night services as there are very fewer passengers during nights when compared to daytime.

No availability of Metro or MMTS trains at night times

Metro trains between Nagole and Ameerpet, LB Nagar and Miyapur are already available for the public. Metro train services between Nagole and the Hi-Tech city will get completed soon and will be available for the public after December. This same route will be further extended to Rayadurgam. This Nagole and Hi-Tech city services will be very useful to the public especially for the IT professionals. IT professionals are expecting to have access to the metro train in this route till midnight. “If the Metro services stop at 10.30 PM as usual, then it won’t be of any use to those who travel after midnight,” says IT professionals. Apart from Metro, the MMTS 2nd phase services are also going to be available for the public. The travel time to the major corridors of the city is expected to be reduced with the arrival of MMTS 2nd phase services.

Many people in the city are opting to go in their own vehicle than using public transportation services due to lack of services during late nights. There are currently 56 lakh vehicles in the Greater Hyderabad range, in which half of the vehicles are running daily. This increased usage of own vehicles is further increasing the pollution and traffic jams in the city. When asked about lack of public transportation after 10.30 PM, officials replied that it is mainly because of less percentage of passengers traveling in the night time. The same answer is also coming from the railway and Metro officials. Even if it is not for every 6 minutes and 8 minutes after 10 PM, trains should be available every 20 minutes for the public. These trains can be of great help to people reaching Secunderabad Railway Station and Mahatma Gandhi bus station at night times. These services can further help people who work for late shifts.

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