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Delhi traffic is hell, says Ford India Road Safety Survey

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Ford India conducted road safety survey in 6 metropolitan and 4 non-metropolitan cities and revealed some shocking facts about our Indian traffic rules and motorists behavior on roads. The recent survey findings are worst and urging Indian motorists to adopt a safer behavior while they are on roads. 
Among all the cities,  Delhi traffic is worse when compared to others. People of Delhi when asked opinioned that they do not mind minors driving bikes and cars. Every 7 members among 10 have opinioned the same. In our capital city, around 44% of the motorists are not waiting until the pedestrians cross the roads at Zebra crossings. Around 55% of the drivers wouldn’t consider parking their vehicles/cars in the authorized parking slots in Delhi, the capital city of India. Motorists in Kolkata and Ludhiana are reported to be more courteous on roads when compared to other cities. Unfortunately, the capital city Delhi stood last in this category.

Few shocking facts Ford Survey revealed  

  • Around 51% of motorists don’t know the fact that airbags in the cars work better if drivers wear seatbelts. 97% of motorists in Bengaluru do not have complete knowledge about the airbags.
  • Unfortunately, motorists in almost all the cities (included in the survey) do not consider about the passengers travelling in the bus. Around ¾th motorists overtake the bus from the wrong side while the passengers are getting down from the bus.  
  • Around 42% of the drivers participated in the survey in Delhi are not bothered to give way for the Emergency vehicles. These people also jump the signals in the areas where traffic police are not available.
  • Around 59% of people in Delhi and 26% of people in Hyderabad are putting on headphones while crossing the roads.
  • 22% of people in Hyderabad and 46% of people in Mumbai confessed to using mobile phones while driving and around 18% of Indians are driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Around 22% of Indians do not consider waiting at the signals and jump the signals.
  • Around 36% of Indians are not stopping at Zebra crossings and 48% of motorists park their vehicles on footpaths.
  • Around 33% of people participated in the survey voted in acceptance for underage (minor) driving.

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