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Are Hyderabad roads safe for Pedestrians?

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Walking on the city roads is becoming more and more dangerous these days. Unfortunately, for the past several years pedestrians are becoming more vulnerable to road mishaps. Several factors like lack of safety measures, rash driving, not following traffic rules, encroachments on footpaths and absence of pedestrian crossings are all resulting in pedestrian fatalities on Hyderabad city roads.

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Lack of basic infrastructure on roads for pedestrians is considered to be the major cause of these pedestrians road mishaps. There are several main junctions in the city, where the traffic road lines and Zebra crossing lines have got faded away and need a fresh coat of paint to control the roads accidents and signal jumping’s. With growing traffic more and more new roads are being constructed in the city and pedestrians feel that these new roads should have all the basic necessities like road markings, zebra crossings and footpaths ready before the roads are open for the public to use.

There is also a great need for Pelican (The Pedestrian Light Control ActivatioN) signal in almost all the junctions in the city. This additional traffic signal i.e. Pelican signal provides a safe and two stage crossing for pedestrians.  

According to the traffic officials, not just the motorists, but even the pedestrians are not following the traffic rules and tend to cross the roads wherever they wish to, without considering the Zebra crossings. Sadly most of the accidents occur while pedestrians are crossing the roads.  

As Hyderabadis, it is each and everyone’s responsibility to stay safe and follow traffic rules to avoid unfortunate road mishaps and make our city roads safe.

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