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Half a kilometer.. 2 hours and 5 thousand traffic violations

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Half a kilometer.. 2 hours and 5 thousand traffic violations

Traffic Police have conducted traffic awareness walks and special checks on Gachibowli highway. The traffic police along with hundreds of volunteers have conducted special checks on traffic violations by half a kilometer on the busy Gachilbowli route. Shockingly, within two-and-a-half hours more than 5,000 motorists were found violating the rules and most of them were educated people. On Friday, as a part of traffic awareness week, the Cyberabad traffic police along with a group of 100 volunteers who carried out the traffic service on behalf of the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) conducted traffic awareness programmes. As a part of this programme, DCP (Traffic) S M Vijay Kumar, Additional DCP (Traffic) Praveen Kumar, ACP M. Chandrasekhar, SCSC general secretary Bharani Kumar Aroll, SCSC Traffic Safety Forum leader Krishna Yedula along with inspectors and volunteers participated in Traffic awareness walk from Cyberabad Commissionerate to Gachibowli junction. They have carried banners and placards representing the importance of traffic rules like do not drink and drive, extreme speed is dangerous, the importance of wearing seatbelts, helmet and so on.

Conducting special checks in groups

Volunteers have divided into teams and conducted special checks around half a kilometer in the neighbouring areas of Gachibowli. A large number of motorists were caught violating the traffic rules. Several violations were caught within two hours. The police and volunteers expressed regret over the lack of knowledge on the rules and even the educated people violating rules. In this regard, DCP (Traffic) Vijay Kumar said that they are going to take strict action against traffic violators. Inspite of continuous efforts of traffic police, government and other agencies, there is no change in the violators. The SCSC general secretary Bharani Kumar Aroll said that various IT software engineers are inspiring to serve as traffic volunteers at their call and also said that it is good to take the road safety awareness program as a movement.

Damage to three generations   

Dharmana Shanmuka is a volunteer who lost his one leg during a road mishap occurred due to a person who came in the wrong route. He spoke on this event and said that the victims of road accidents who lose their organs in the mishap will also lose their income and their three generations will get affected with that one incident. The life of the victim becomes miserable and their family, his wife and the kids who are dependent on him will come on to the road. The motorists should drive carefully and keep in mind the value of the lives of other people along with their lives. By being self- cautious on the roads and by following the traffic rules, one can avoid road accidents.

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