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In a first, Hyderabad Traffic Police launches body-worn cameras with 4G Sim Cards

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Body- worn cameras are now updated with 4G Simcards for better traffic system

To ensure better traffic system in Hyderabad, traffic officials are introducing new policies. As we all know, for the first time in India, Hyderabad traffic police are wearing Body- worn cameras, and now these body worn cameras to get updated with 4G Sim cards for the betterment of recording capacity. Everything that the motorists speak during checks will get recorded. Further, these recordings directly reach the control room.   

With the success and positive results of body- worn cameras, Hyderabad traffic officials are updating these body- worn cameras with the latest 4G Sim cards. These are currently under the experimental stage and have implemented in few areas only and soon after reviewing the result, officials are planning to execute it throughout the city.

Officials said that there are multiple benefits of these cameras. With these cameras, higher officials will be able to review their staff work from their office only. So far, because of these cameras, the traffic police have changed their body language and the language they speak with the motorists while checks. That’s not it, even the motorists/ drivers behaving rudely to the traffic police during checks like “Do you know who I am?” have also changed.

With these cameras, there is a possibility that the higher officials can easily find out about the area where their traffic SI’s are working. Traffic updates and traffic congestion can be seen within minutes with these body- worn cameras instead of watching through the CC cameras. Traffic situations and other updates during special occasions like Bonaalu, Ganesh navarathrulu and others can be seen live with the help of 4G Sim card present in the body- worn cameras. We most of the times see the drunken drivers arguing with the traffic officials during the drunk and drive checks and disturbing their duties. With these updated cameras, their conversations can be recorded at least for an hour and can be uploaded to the control room directly. With the help of this 4G Sim card, the location of the vehicle and time will be recorded and can easily send E-challan.    

Can see a change in Behaviour

With this body- worn cameras, traffic police behavior towards motorists has changed. Around 100 traffic inspectors and SI’s performing their duties in different areas of the city are wearing these body- worn cameras and are changing their behavior gradually. Some inspectors are using the glasses to hide their anger and SI’s and constables are talking respectfully with the motorists. If they find any motorists without driving license, other documents and without wearing a helmet, they are explaining the motorists about the rules in the MV act and are sending E-challans. When young people and minors are getting caught up, the traffic officials are immediately calling their parents and informing them.     

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