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Hyderabad Traffic Police conducting special drives against number plate tampering

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Hyderabad Traffic Police conducting special drives against number plate tampering

With an increase in number plate tampering cases, Hyderabad Traffic police are conducting special drives and warning motorists not to tamper with their number plates and also warned that heavy penalties will be imposed on motorists those who caught tampering with number plates.

On Tuesday, 12th January, night 9 pm in Hyderabad, the traffic police observed a motorist who covered his number plate with a board, which has a statement written on it ‘Do not Follow Me  … My Way Is’. The traffic police immediately stopped the vehicle and caught the motorists and on investigation came to know that he has already violated traffic rules several times in the past and has a total of 7 challans on his name i.e. 5 challans for not wearing the helmet, a challan for over speeding along with the number plate tampering challan. In order to avoid the high penalty, he covered his number plate with a board.

Around 9,644 vehicles caught with tampered number plates in January month alone 

Last year, during the special drives against number plate tampering, the Hyderabad traffic police have booked about 80,000 cases in twin cities. This year also the traffic officials are conducting special drives to control number plate tampering. Shockingly, in January month alone around 9644 vehicles were caught with tampered number plates. Among these 2347 vehicles are plying without any registration numbers and remaining 7297 vehicles found with improper number plates. The officials are taking action against these motorists. The ACP, in an interview, said that these special drives will be continued and strict actions will be taken on the motorists if they have improper number plates or caught tampering with number plates.

The traffic officials clearly mentioned that tampering with the number plates like bending the registration number plates, erasing a number or alphabet on the number plate, writing down on number plates and so on all comes under violations. The Hyderabad traffic police are taking severe actions on motorists who violate the traffic rules along with those who tamper with the number plates. According to the Motor Vehicle Act (1989) Rule 50, 51, the authorities have made it clear that the correct number plate should be properly attached on the front and back side of the vehicle followed by the clearly specified numbers. Traffic officials also asked the general public to inform the police when they notice any vehicles with improper number plates. General public can complain through Facebook, Twitter, and phone number (9010203626) along with the traffic live app.

Rules to be followed regarding number plates

  • According to Vehicle Act (50, 51-1989), the number plate should be displayed both at the front and rare side of the vehicle.
  • Registration letters and numbers should be written in black colour on a white background.
  • For commercial vehicles, the registration numbers and letters should be written in black colour on a yellow background.
  • For two and three wheelers, the size of the number plate should be 200 x 100 mm and for other vehicles, it should be 340 x 200 mm.
  • For two-wheelers and three-wheelers, on the back side, on the number plates the letters should be of height 35mm and numbers should be of 40mm height. The letters and numbers should be 7mm thick and the gap between the numbers should be 2.5mm. Whereas on the front side of the vehicle it should have 35 mm height letters and numbers with 7 mm thick and 5 mm gap between the numbers.
  • Except for the registration number, writing any other names or slogans, sticking pictures, fancy lettering, change in the letter or number size and others on the number plates are not permitted. 

Erasing the numbers, bending the number plates or doing any other tampering with the number plate is not permitted and it comes under a crime. As tampering of number plates is considered to be a threat to National Security, hence the traffic officials said that the general public to be more careful and responsive.

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