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Do’s & Don’ts

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Please inspect your vehicle before setting out on a trip

Head lights, signal lights and brake lights, suspension brakes, tyre conditions , check of overloads and poorly balanced loads. Ensure that the load is equally distributed and properly secured. Ensure that all documents and permits are with you.

Be Aware – the chances of crash are much greater for drivers who are habitual of drinking than for drivers who are not. So for your own as well as other’s safety :-


  • Always use low beam when driving in fog or while following another vehicle, as your light reflects back reducing visibility.
  • If oncoming traffic does not dip its high beam, look to the left side of the road and drive towards the left of your lane and if you are dazzled, slow down or pull over untill your eyes recover.
  • It is necessary to judge the speed of the vehicle you are overtaking and the speed and capability of your vehicle.
  • Signal your intention of overtaking.
  • Blow horn or flash headlights to draw attention of the driver being overtaking and when he gives signal clear to overtake only then overtake.
  • Be eqully carefull when being overtaken
  • Do not increase the speed of your own vehicle.
  • Do not drive without a valid licence.
  • Do not drive without a helmet.
  • Do not use cell phone while riding.
  • Do not ride with single hand.
  • Keep a cautious check on the traffic coming from the opposite direction.
  • Slow down if the overtaking vehicle needs more space and give it a clear signal to overtake.
  • Do not drive overspeed which may prove fatal.
  • While driving do not be distracted and avoid talking with others in the vehicle.
  • Do not park the vehicle in ‘No Parking Zone’.
  • Do not drive under the influence of liquor or drugs.
  • Overtaking from leftside and at inter-sections is strictly prohibited.
  • Slow down on curves & while approaching other vehicle.
  • Be watchful and cautious while overtaking.
  • Be promt to give side to other vehicles which would like to overtake.
  • Keep your eyes and ears on traffic over road.
  • Do not allow any one to sit on your right side in the cabin.
  • Do not use multi toned horns.

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