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A Fast drive could be your last drive. Follow the traffic rules for the people you love n care

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Avoid traffic violations to control road mishaps

Knowing and following traffic rules is very crucial to avoid misfortunate road happenings. It is each one of our responsibility to be safe and obey all the traffic rules on road. Traffic officials throughout the country are coming up with new strategies to bring awareness in motorists. But unfortunately many people are still making few traffic voilations knowingly saying that they are in a hurry and so on. Weather it may be parking on footpath, drunk and driving, cellphone driving, not stopping at Zebra crossing, signal jumping or others many people feel that these are not such big things, but these can cost a life on the road. In India the percentage of traffic violation cases is still high especially in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru. The percentage of drunk and drive, cellphone driving and signal jumping cases are high in cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi when compared to other cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Mishaps on roads can be a nightmare n bring happy families to roads.

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