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Srinivasulu- the pond protector

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Traffic police, when we hear this word most of us think that they just direct the traffic. But this particular traffic cop did something splendid and seized a memorable place in the hearts of Madanapalle town residents. Let us just have a brief look at his achievement

In 2017, the Chittoor district SP SV Rajasekhar Babu called all the police officers to adopt and develop the public accommodation and educational institutions in the district. Most of the officers who came front had adopted some schools and public accommodation centers, whereas Srinivasulu who worked as traffic CI in Madanapalle responded differently. He adopted the Komatiwani pond which is located in the heart of the town. For the past 70 years, no one took care of that pond and was isolated. The surroundings of the pond were filled with several waste plants and several murder and suicide cases occurred in that area. Mr. Srinivasulu adopted that pond and decided to develop it. Many people disagreed and laughed at his decision.

But there was a reason behind his decision that it is tied to his work. There were several traffic issues in Madanapalle and he thought that by cleaning the surroundings of the pond and by constructing a road in that area, several traffic issues in the town can be resolved. He in this regard, met with several local leaders, merchants, colony welfare associations, employees, Muslims, Aryavaishyas, academics and so on. Everyone has responded positively to his decision and took the initiative to help. Tractor and JCB organizers in the town volunteered and officials of other branches also supported him. In just a year, with an amount of Rs 35 lakh, a magnificent road was constructed. Where he wanted to construct a road, three extra roadways also got completed in this area.

Today, more than 20,000 vehicles are passing on that road and Pedestrians are walking on the tar road surrounded by beautiful flowers. Stone revetment was built on one side. Now this pond has become a tank bund for Madanapalle town. This Komatiwani pond, where people were literally afraid to pass in that route, now it has turned into a tourist/visiting spot for the town. Today you can see many elders coming for morning and evening walk and youngsters and others stopping there to take selfies. The pond which was once isolated and the surroundings with stinky smell has now become pleasant with beautiful flowers and floral scents. This transformation is the result of dedication and hard work of MR Srinivasulu.

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