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LPG GAS Support number 1906

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Prof.C.K.Renukarya, a Retired Professor of Economics, University of Mysore narrated this:
Last Sunday I had an interesting experience. I had to change the gas cylinder. When I tried to fix the new one, I smelt gas, realised that it was leaking. I turned off the knob. I called one or two agencies, but they did not respond as it was a Sunday. They said that they would attend to it on Monday.
I just wanted to know if there’s any emergency number, so tried Google. Google showed 1906 to be called. I tried. A lady picked up the phone and spoke in Hindi. I explained to her my problem. She said a person will come within an hour and would attend to the work. She added that there is no charge for the visit, so I need not pay him unless tube has gone bad for which I have to pay. To my surprise a young boy showed up within half an hour, checked and put a new washer to the cylinder. He said it was a small work. He did not accept any remuneration. The service was provided within no time from Central government. The lady phoned again after an hour and checked whether the work was attended to.

Please share this telephone number to your known relatives and friends. It’s 1906.

Fact check: I tried Google. Same info. It takes you to

It’s a 24×7 service, covers all LPG Companies.
Shared with you as I have received and thought an useful for all of us.

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