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LED speed breakers introduced for the first time in India in Hyderabad

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In order to improve road safety and to control traffic signal jumping’s, Hyderabad traffic police introduced LED speed breakers at the KBR Park junction on an experimental basis. Most often Motorists tend to jump traffic signals with an excuse of not seeing the red signal light. In order to restrict such motorists, Hyderabad traffic officials are experimenting with LED speed breakers. These LED speed breakers which are embedded into the road automatically switch colours according to the nearby conventional traffic lights.

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Motorists can easily notice these flashing LED lights from distance and can slow down their vehicles when they notice the LED lights turning into red. Most importantly these LED lights, embedded in the road are waterproof and have a little effect in case of rain and water stagnation. M Narsing Rao, Inspector, Traffic Police said that as of now they are just experimenting these LED lights in KBR park junction, based on the results, the officials decide to install these LED lights full- fledged not just on other roads of the city but also across the country.

With the arrival of these LED speed breakers, the motorists can no longer make excuses of not seeing the red signal light or heavy vehicles or branches of trees blocking the signal lights said the Traffic official because the traffic lights are right on the road surface itself. This LED speed breakers experiment is expected to have a great impact on traffic rule violators. The officials are also hoping that with the success of this experiment, motorists would be prompted to follow the traffic rules, with which road mishaps can be controlled to a great extent.

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