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India to introduce Smart Driving Licence Cards soon

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Soon, the driving licenses issued by all the states and union territories across the country are to sport the same look. Indian Government is taking quick steps to roll out uniform and smart driving license cards across India. Until now, different states and union territories are issuing their own driving licenses in their own format which has created some problems to the Government and traffic officials. In order to get rid of such chaos, the Indian Government has come up with smart driving license cards which have embedded microchips with QR codes. By scanning these smart driving cards one can easily get information about the driver. This smart driving license cards system would come into action from July 2019 in India.

Indian Government to introduce “One nation and one driving license card policy”. All the new smart driving licenses cards are built with “Radiofrequency chips” and contain all the important data about the driver like name, address, date of birth, blood group and so on.

Each and every smart license card contains a special QR code. These smart cards also contain near field communication option, through which traffic officials can easily get information about the drivers driving history.

The currently used traditional driving license would slowly be replaced with the new smart ones at the time of renewal. These smart driving license cards in India are expected to positively impact the road safety by eliminating bogus driving licenses and also enhance efficiency in law enforcement.

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