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Synechron Employee Traffic Service

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Synechron Employee Traffic Service

15 employees of the Synechron Company served as traffic volunteers for two hours on Friday 1-2-2019. They carried out the duties from 10 am to the afternoon at 12 o’clock at the busiest biodiversity park junction. There were even few women employees who actively participated in this traffic services. Employees made sure there is no traffic congestion, controlled signal jumping and also captured motorists who have crossed the signals in the camera. In this regard, DCP (Traffic) SM Vijay Kumar appreciated young employees who came forward to serve as traffic volunteers and also said that more young people should come forward and participate in such programmes. The joint secretary of the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) Krishna Yadav said that many employees from their organization volunteered to help reduce the burden on traffic police. Synechron Representatives Uruz Kamal, Fateh Ahmad and others participated in this meeting.  

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