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No more waiting at Outer Ring Road Toll Gates

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For all those traveling on the Outer Ring Road (ORR), here is a great news!

No more time waste,  waiting in queues at the toll gates on Outer Ring Roads,  as gates will open automatically at the sight of the vehicle from now. HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) is preparing to introduce advanced Toll Management System (TMS) to cut short the waiting time at the toll booths.

On 158 KM long Outer Ring Road, approximately on an average of one lack vehicles are traveling every day. There are totally 180 toll lanes to pay the toll at 19 interchanges. Currently, a receipt is given to the vehicles at the entrance of the ORR and details of that vehicle are entered into the computer. The amount will be calculated based on the distance the vehicle traveled on ORR and is collected at the nearest toll gate. This process is taking lots of time as it is done manually especially during holidays. The motorists are waiting in a long queue and accidents are also taking place. In this regard, the HMDA has already decided to bring TMS available a few years ago and also assigned the project to a contractor. But there is not much progression seen. Recently HMDA has introduced the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system in some areas, but the situation became worse due to some technical problems. Hence, the HMDA postponed this policy for a few months. Now again, the TMS technique is being used temporarily for a few days. Since it is giving very good results, the officials are planning to run it permanently.

Benefits of TMS

  • One can pay the toll fee in 3 ways
  • The time taken for transaction/ tollgate payment will be reduced
  • No more long queues at toll plazas
  • The intensity of pollution will be reduced
  • Can receive discounted on toll fees


The Radio Frequency Identification Tag (RFID) fast tags should be placed at the front of the vehicle. There is a separate toll lane for them. When the vehicle approaches the toll gate, the signals are sent to specially designed devices and the gates will be opened automatically. There is no need for you to wait there for one single second. If you have enough money in your account, the gate will open immediately. Otherwise, you have to pay the fee separately. The FASTag payment system is managed by the ICICI Bank with the help of EFCON Company. Nissan Co.op Company Limited, ITS Planners and Engineers Pvt Ltd provide technical support. Nissan Coal Company Limited, ITS Planners and Engineers Pvt Ltd provide technical support. These FASTags are sold at Nanakramguda, Shamshabad, Medchal, Ghatkesar, and Toll Plaza centers in Patancheru. One needs to provide the necessary certification documents to get FASTag. The first 2 lakh Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) will receive FASTAG without any security deposit. Get 33.3 percent on monthly passes. A monthly pass is valid for those who travel 50 times a month. and a 50% discount is provided on their return journey.

Smart card

In this method, one can get a smart card by paying money at the special counters located at the interchange. This card should be placed on the scanner near the Tollgate and the gates will open immediately. The same should be done at the end tollgate, if there is enough money in the card then the gates will open. Otherwise, you will have to pay the amount on the counter.

Smart transit card

Instead of the present paper receipts, Smart transit card is handed over at the starting of the ORR. You should handover this card while exiting from the ORR, then the money is calculated based on the distance you have traveled on the ORR.

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