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Govt has approved the revised Motor Vehicles Bill

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The Government has finally approved the pending Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill. Several changes have been made to the current Motor Vehicle Bill i.e. Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 to make the Indian roads more safer. According to this latest bill, the penalties have been increased greatly for traffic violations or driving offenses. The minimum penalty for Hyderabad traffic violation would now start from Rs.500/- where it was Rs.100/- earlier.

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It is especially important to learn about the traffic rules and new amendments added to the Motor vehicle bill. Let us have a look at the new amendments and increased penalties.

List of amendments made to the current Motor Vehicle Bill

Motor Vehicles Bill
  • Driving without a license- Penalty for driving without a license is now increased to Rs.5000/- instead of the current Rs.500/- fine.
  • Drunk and driving- Penalty for drunk and driving has been now increased to Rs.10, 000/- in place of Rs.2000/- (earlier) and the motorists also need to attend the counselling sessions.
  • Driving without a helmet- The fine for driving without a helmet is now raised to Rs.1000/- along with 3 months suspension of license.
  • Driving without wearing seatbelts- The fine for driving without wearing seatbelts is now Rs.1000/- (which was Rs.100/- earlier).
  • Driving without Vehicle insurance- as per the new bill, driving without vehicle insurance is punishable with Rs.2000/- fine.
  • Over speeding- Penalty for over speeding and rash driving can now range from Rs.1000 – 2000 (which was Rs.400 earlier).
  • Minors driving- Penalty to parents if their minor child drive without a license. In case of minor driving the vehicles, parents or the owner of the vehicle will be held responsible. Along with a fine of Rs.25, 000/- along with 3 months of jail and the registration of the vehicle will also be cancelled.
  • Talking on Mobiles while driving- If you are caught driving talking on Mobile phones while driving you may be penalized with Rs. 5,000/- fine.
  • Hit & run cases- In case of accidents, a compensation of 2 lakh or more is to be paid to the victim’s family. In case of death of the victim, Rs. 10 lakh compensation would be provided to the victim’s family.
  • Not giving way to emergency vehicles- A penalty of Rs.10, 000/- would be charged for not giving way to emergency vehicles such as an ambulance.
  • Overloading passengers- overloading passengers would be penalized with a fine of Rs.1000/- for each person.
  • Overloading of vehicles- Penalty of Rs. 25,000/- would be charged for overloading of vehicles along with Rs.2000/- extra for each ton.
  • Driving without a permit- Driving without a permit would be penalized with Rs.10,000/- and violation of any other license and other permits would be penalized between Rs. 25,000 – 1 lakh.

Along with the above amendments, few other rules are also proposed in this bill like Aadhaar is made mandatory for driving license and also for vehicle registration. This bill further reduced the validity of the driving license from 20 years to 10 years.

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