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Hyderabad Metro- 10 buses to each metro station

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Regarding the public transport RTC always stands in the top position. According to a survey conducted by RTC it is clear, that the number of buses in Hyderabad or the trips will not decline. According to the RTC department there are 24 stations between Miyapur to Nagole routes where the Hyderabad metro services are starting shortly. Along with these 24 stations, there are thousands of colonies, in this condition RTC estimated that there should be at least 300 buses available for people who are living in these areas to reach nearby metro stations. At the same Time, the greater Hyderabad RTG zone officials are planning to allocate at least 10 buses to each metro station.

Increase in number of buses and services on both the sides of Hyderabad metro station

According to the officials, passengers may come from about 5 to 8 kms distance to these stations. In order to get passengers from the colonies extended on either side of Hyderabad metro stations, 10 buses should be allocated to each station i.e. 5 per each side. According to these statistics RTC may need 240 buses, addition to these the Greater zone is planning to keep 60 extra buses ready. From morning till night 11 PM, buses will be available for every 10 minutes near the metro stations. According to the statistics on both the sides train arrives for every 5 minutes. In this condition RTC plans to make buses available in stations for every 10 minutes and also estimated that according to these calculations approximately 1200 to 1500 services may increase.

Need of mini buses near Hyderabad metro stations

With the arrival of Hyderabad Metro services, RTC officials are planning to cut off few services in main routes where the metro is available and also planning to provide bus services in the colonies which connect the metro stations. According to them there are no issues with the normal buses, where as in the small colonies there is a need of mini buses and Autos. The RTC is expecting that nearly 100 to 140 mini buses will be needed and about this they have also submitted the report to the RTC management and only their acceptance is required to start the process. The RTC officials also suggested the higher officials that just like Vajra buses i.e. capacity of 25 passengers, it will be easy to travel in those small colonies. The Greater zone officials are expecting the arrival of buses by the end of this year.

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