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Hyderabad Balanagar Road Traffic Problems

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When? This is the only question among most of the motorists at the Balanagar signal regarding the construction of Balanagar flyover. The HMDA dint even started the Balanagar flyover project which can eliminate Traffic problems for thousands of motorists. When asked about the construction of most awaited Balanagar flyover project, the officials are evading it by saying soon.

Crossing the signal is exhausting

Most of the people are facing problem near Balanagar signal. It takes 30minutes to one hour just to cross the signal. The traffic is also increasing in this area day by day. According to HMDA officials approximately 15000 vehicles are passing through the signal per hour. In order to terminate these difficulties a study is conducted in the joint state and decided to construct a fly over. The project of construction of fly over is handed over to HMDA and estimated that around 387 crore would be needed to complete the project. It is decided to construct six lined fly over from Kukatpally Y junction to Boinpally junction via Narsapur Chowrastha and Fatheh nagar junctions. The total length of the fly over is 1.09 Km and the estimated cost for the construction would be 104.53 crore and the rest amount would be used for acquiring land and for other purposes.

No obstacles for constructing fly over

Officials say that there are no obstacles for flyover construction and also informed that they will start the work as early as possible. They also stated that it is not an easy task to construct flyover in such a busy road and it needs a plan. The soil test is already decided as the contractor and accordingly designs of the fly over are designed. Officials also stated that it will take 2 to 3 month’s time only for the designs. The water board has come front to take the initiative for the alternative pipelines where the construction is going on. The officials also met with the traffic department to ascertain and avoid the traffic. They are also acquiring land fastly and hand over the land to the contractor. After this process of land acquisition the actual project will be started and also said that instead of doing at once they are planning to do in straps. They say that they will complete the fly over within the given time and make it available to the people.

The HMDA has completed the tender process for Balanagar flyover, selected contractor and handed over the land acquisition process to the GHMC. For this process HMDA provided 25 crore to GHMC. Later on Aug 21st KTR has performed the rituals like bhoomi pooja and said that they will complete the fly over within 20 months and make it available for the people. For this the HMDA has issued letters to both water board and traffic and requested to make alternative arrangements to dont let people to cross Signals and Traffic Rules. With all this everyone thought it will be started soon but everyone got disappointed as there is no progress even after 2 months. HMDA has stated that there is no lack of funding and also stated that other departments also are supporting well. The land acquisition work is also going on. When the officials are asked about the project, they are denying it by saying “soon”. It came out that minister KTR in the recent meeting asked the HMDA officials about the project. In one word there is no link between what HMDA officials are saying and what is happening in the field level.

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