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Traffic in Hyderabad IT corridor is getting worse especially at peak hours

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Traffic in Hyderabad IT corridor is getting worse day by day. It takes 25 to 30 minutes to travel 3 Kms and it is becoming more worse during the peak hours like morning and evening. Wrong parking and illegal parking in front of hotels or on the roads is further complicating the condition.

Do you know the average speed the vehicles crawl on the highways of Hyderabad? It’s unbelievably slow, it’s only 18 to 20 Km per hour and during the peak hours, its only 6 km per hour on the Hyderabad IT corridor road i.e. from Shaikpet Nala to Bio- diversity park. It takes around 30 minutes to cross the Shaikpet and Bio- diversity junction for those motorists travelling from Mehdipatnam towards Gachibowli. This traffic condition is further getting worse during the peak morning and evening hours. On the other side, people are facing a lot of troubles due to the delay in the construction of the bridge.

Motorists coming from Mehdipatnam, Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills are also using this route to reach Gachibowli, Madhapur, and Serilingampally IT corridor. Lakhs of software engineers work in this IT corridor and over 20,000 vehicles per hour travel in the peak hours. People working on the construction site further adds to these numbers. Number of vehicles in this corridor has increased significantly with the Hyderabad IT sector since the last five years. The roads did not expand to the number of vehicles and the development of the Hyderabad IT corridor.

20 minutes to cross one Kilometer

In these, it takes around 20 minutes to travel the 1-kilometer distance between Bio- diversity park to IKEA. This is especially worse in the evening hours. If it rains, the situation becomes more intense due to the traffic jams. In order to solve these growing traffic issues, GHMC planning to build 3 flyovers in these areas. One from the Rayadurgam Orion Villa till the Bio- diversity park, the second flyover is to Gachibowli and the third flyover is from Shaikpet Brundavan Colony till Rayadurgam Malkam cheruvu with a distance 28 kilo meters (This is the second longest bridge in the city after PV Narasimha Rao Expressway). This construction of flyovers has further narrowed the roads and causing traffic problems. The authorities did not take any action regarding the road expansion before the construction of the highways began. Even though the place is available for road expansion in the areas like Shaikpet, Rayadurgam, Bio- Diversity Park, Pakwaan and Shah Ghouse hotels, the officials did not expand the roads. On the other hand, in some places, the officials did not take any action for collecting a place. This further complicated the Hyderabad traffic problem.

Parking the vehicles in front of the Hotels     

Hotels like Pakwaan and Shah Ghouse hotels are located near to the Bio- diversity park. Wrong parking of vehicles in front of these hotels especially in the evening hours is further causing severe disruption to the traffic. Both two- wheelers and four- wheeler vehicles are illegally parked in front of these hotels. This illegal parking is causing trouble for motorists travelling towards Gachibowli. Motorists and pedestrians are requesting the authorities to take required actions to prevent these traffic problems. Motorists are also requesting to appoint Hyderabad traffic staff in such critical junctions and locations so that the Hyderabad traffic can move faster.

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