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The average travel distance of a man per day in Hyderabad is 13.25 km

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The capital city Hyderabad roads are always crowded with people. People are coming out on the roads due to various reasons like for attending their regular duties, shopping, eating, meeting friends and so on. As a result, Hyderabad roads are getting overcrowded and motorists are facing traffic congestion problems. A recent study by the state government made these points clear. With this, the government has decided to change the appearance of city roads. The sector is preparing to make the public transport system more accessible. Government is also planning to expand the information technology system to reduce the average man’s travel distance. In the metropolitan Hyderabad, many people are staying away from public transport and using their own personal vehicles even for small needs. In order to change people behaviour and to reduce the average travel distance of people within the city, GHMC is planning to take all the necessary measures. For this evolution and in order to control the number of vehicles on the road, it has decided to support online shopping, carpooling and bike-sharing initiatives. Along with this GHMC is also planning to make public transport systems like MMTS, Metro and BRTS more accessible for the public.

SRDP works are fastened- GHMC Commissioner M. Dhana Kishore

GHMC Commissioner M. Dhana Kishore said that the state government is making few proposals to make the city road network more sophisticated. According to them, by 2041, the public transport options will be expanded and will be accessible for the general public like metro route will be further expanded to 417 km, the BRTS route to be expanded to 438 km and the MMS system to 428 km long. For this, the Government has already begun the Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP) works with an estimated cost of 25000 crores.

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