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RTC drivers would be penalized if they stop the bus in middle of the road

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RTC bus drivers in rush hours are stopping the buses in middle of the roads which leads to frequent traffic jams. In order to stop this condition, Hyderabad traffic police officials have come up with few strict rules for the drivers. RTC buses should stop only in bus stops or bus bays. If in case there is another bus in front in the bus stop, the bus driver should wait until the bus leaves and then they should proceed to the specified location. The bus drivers should not stop the buses in middle of the road due to the queue. Even though the RTC has made few suggestions to their drivers for easy access to passengers, but nowhere, the drivers are following them. In this condition, the Hyderabad traffic police have decided to be strict and announced that the drivers would be penalized if they break the rules.

First selected 10 stops

At first, Hyderabad traffic police have selected 10 main bus stops and issued an order that they should be supervised by the staff of RTC from 8 am to 10 pm. In bus stops like Lakdi ka pool, Mehdipatnam, cyber towers, rathifile, Secunderabad, Abids, Ameerpet, Koti Women’s college, Punjagutta Nims and Kachiguda, the traffic officials have suggested the RTC staff to be available. They also mentioned that the traffic police will assist the RTC staff in preventing autos and cabs from stopping in the bus stops.

Directly penalize drivers

Police are preparing to impose penalties directly on RTC bus drivers who do not follow traffic rules. If they stop busses in middle of the road, then immediately penalty up to Rs.500 will be charged and the traffic police have already discussed about this matter with the RTC officials. Until now penalties were imposed on drivers for Traffic signal jumps and driving while talking on the phone. The police have noticed that, the usage of cell phones while driving is reduced to some extent due to these penalties.

Lacks of penalties paid

In 2017, 1483 traffic violation cases have been registered against the RTC buses and fine of Rs. 5,37,415 was imposed by the traffic police. Until now the Greater zone RTC has paid Rs. 1.99 lakhs and the rest amount is yet to be paid. The RTC bus drivers are claiming that these traffic violations are occurring as the buses are running on basis of trips. But now their games will no longer be tolerated, if they stop the buses in middle of the road, they would be penalized.

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