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Hyderabad bagged another glorious victory- Ranked Second Most Dynamic City in the World

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Hyderabad bagged another glorious victory- Ranked Second Most Dynamic City in the World

Once again, Hyderabad proved its great potentiality with its unpredictable development. Hyderabad construction sector improved its ranking leaving behind Delhi, Chennai and Pune.

Hyderabad is till now known as the Pearl City, Metropolitan city and vishwa nagaram, but now another word has been added to this list i.e. Dynamic City. In the crown of Bhagyanagaram, another gem known as “city with World’s best standards” has been added.    

The historic Hyderabad seized the attention of the world as an advanced development center. With its unpredictable growth within a short period, Hyderabad ranked second most dynamic city in the world leaving behind major global cities. It universalized its glory by standing in top consistently from past three years. The JLL City Momentum Index (CMI) -2019 report was released on Tuesday at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting. Hyderabad ranked second in the rankings for the development and several other elements conducted among 131 major commercial cities across the world. Several considerations like cities socio-economic conditions, trading, the growth of construction field and several others were taken into account. The WEF (World Economic Forum) announced Hyderabad as the top city. Last year Hyderabad won first place as Dynamic city, whereas this year Bangalore is in the first place. Hyderabad did not get a place in the CMI announced list of Top 20 in the year 2015, whereas now Hyderabad stood in the first rank from past three years. In 2017, Hyderabad stood in 5th place, in 2018, ranked first and now in 2019 it stood in the second place.

Hyderabad- From bottom to the top

Dynamic cities are being selected based on the standard for development of different sectors of major cities in the world. Last year, ranks were given by taking into consideration the innovative capacity, start-ups, patent applications, civic facilities and better environmental conditions. Our cities temperature and climatic conditions have contributed to the city’s top ranking in comparison with other cities. This year Hyderabad stood in the second place, followed by Delhi-4, Pune-5, Chennai-7 and Kolkata-15. Hyderabad city was also ranked at the top of the Global Cities Index -2018 announced by the Knight Franklin Company. With a drastic improvement in Residential structures and marketing within 12 months, Hyderabad bagged its place in the top five cities around the world.  

Hyderabad progressing with a jet speed

After the formation of Telangana, there were rumors that the real estate would adversely get affected.  After the state’s emergence, from the half year of 2015, the progression of the state improved especially the Hyderabad progressed with a jet speed. Construction of the projects has improved with simplified approval policies introduced by the government. With the arrival of National, International level IT and other companies along with new start up’s the demand for residential and office space increased drastically. In this regard, new real estate projects have been started. Several reports said that Hyderabad is progressing with the jet speed in real time when compared to other cities in the country after Bangalore.   

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