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Everyone Should Take Responsibility for the Prevention of Pollution in Hyderabad

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Pollution in Hyderabad is increasing at a rapid phase and taking a serious toll on people’s health. With an aim to bring awareness in the public about pollution in Hyderabad and its severe health complications, recently conducted a campaign named “what do you say” and asked Hyderabadis to suggest a solution to this hazardous Hyderabad pollution. Many people from different locations in Hyderabad called us and responded to it and said that the Government should appoint officials and take serious action to control this condition.

Ramesh from Serilingampally called us and said that “the officials should seize the old vehicles in order to control pollution”.

Another caller, Suryachari from Jagadgirigutta, expressed that the leaders should take initiative in this matter. He also stated that people who get stuck in traffic jams, along with the waste of time are also suffering from the smoke coming out of the vehicles, especially from the old vehicles like auto’s and RTC buses. He further added that, just like how the police catch drunken motorists and booking drunk and drive cases, in the same manner, police should also test the vehicles and seize the old vehicles and those which are emitting excessive smoke.

Bhaskar from Hydernagar said that there is a need for serious action against Hyderabad pollution. He also added that despite of taking some actions, we are failing to control pollution in Hyderabad. Not just the busy places with heavy traffic are suffering from pollution, but each and every colony is suffering from this pollution attack. The Government should bring a law against this and appoint special officials to take strict action against those responsible for pollution like factories and old vehicles. Due to the unbearable smell that is coming from the waste and chemicals of the factories, people are staying inside their houses closing all the doors in the evenings. He requested the officials to take action against these factories.

Venkatesham from Musheerabad said that the Government officials should spread more awareness regarding pollution and its complications by distributing pamphlets and advertisements. He also stated that the respective authorities should take actions to complaints as soon as possible without any delay.     

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