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What is the timing of the last metro train? Hyderabad Metro Train Timings.

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What is the timing of the last metro train? It is very difficult to answer this question, this is mainly because each station has a different train time schedule. Even though the regular commuters have knowledge about the last train timings, many other people are still staying away from Metro due to lack of awareness. Most of the public are opting for other means of transport due to lack of knowledge about the last train timings and also due to fear of missing the last train and wasting their time. Though there are indicators placed at each metro station stairs and lifts, people are coming to know about the timings only after reaching the Metro station. In this regard, based on the opinion of the public, L&T Metro officials are trying to bring awareness to the public by distributing specially designed leaflets on each station.

Currently, the Metro trains are running for 46 km between Miyapur – L B Nagar and Nagole to Ameerpet. Metro officials are also running a train for every 6 to 7 minutes and every day total 546 trips are being run. There are about 40 stations in both the corridors and it is really difficult to tell the last train timings from these 40 stations.

In this regard, Metro officials shared details about the Metro train schedule.

From the Metro depot’s

In the Metro routes, the Metro trains are running from the two depots in Nagole and Miyapur.The last metro from Nagole station is at 10.30 pm and the departure of the last train from Miyapur is at 10.42 pm.

Metro ticket counters will be closed 5 minutes before the last train departure

If you have Metro card then there is no problem, but if you are taking tokens, then you should be there at the station 5 minutes before. This is mainly because the ticket counters will be closed 5 minutes before the last train departure.

Additional seats for older persons

Few seats are reserved for the elders in the Metro. More seats are reserved for them than the beginning. Special markings are made about the seats in such a way that they are visible from the platform.

  • Allotted seats: 21
  • In the middle coach: 14
  • 7 seats are assigned beside the ladies seats.

Seats for the disabled

3 seats are allocated for the disabled in the first / last coach.

For Ladies

31 seats are allocated for ladies, for example: if you are travelling from Miyapur to L B Nagar, 24 seats are allocated in the final coach and the remaining 7 seats are allocated in the first coach. 

  • Last train timings between Miyapur – L B Nagar route
Miyapur- L B Nagar Timings (at night)
Miyapur 10.42
JNTU 10.45
Kukatpally 1049
Ameerpet 11.01
Nampally 11.14
Dilshuknagar 11.27
L B Nagar 11.49
  • Last train timings between L B Nagar- Miyapur route
L B Nagar- Miyapur Timings (at night)
L B Nagar 10.30
Dilshuknagar 10.35
Nampally 10.49
Ameerpet 11.02
Kukatpally 11.14
JNTU 11.19
Miyapur 11.22
  • Last train timings between Nagole – Ameerpet route
Nagole – Ameerpet Timings (at night)
Nagole 10.30
Secunderabad East 10.45
Paradise 10.50
Ameerpet 11.02
  • Last train timings between Ameerpet- Nagole route
Ameerpet- Nagole Timings (at night)
Ameerpet 11.02
Paradise 11.14
Secunderabad East 11.19
Nagole 11.35

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