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Parking Problems in Hyderabad? Say No with simple Solutions!!!

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We cannot deny the fact that Parking is one of the major issues in Hyderabad city. Rapidly increasing number of eateries, shopping centers and many other commercial establishments without any proper parking facility has become the major cause of parking problem in Hyderabad city. It has become a nerve-wracking deal to find a place to park vehicles especially cars in the streets of the city these days.

Can we solve this worrying Hyderabad parking problem with a few simple measures!! Possibly Yes

Below are a few simple measures through which we can handle the hectic parking issues in Hyderabad

  • Motorists should take initiative and park their vehicles only in the parking areas of that particular commercial building as there is no parking fee, instead of parking on the roadside even if it is for a short period.
  • Small street vendors in the city are depriving pedestrian ways and parking areas to set up their stalls and this is further worsening the parking problem in Hyderabad. Traffic police should take the initiative to evacuate street vending stalls and help the pedestrians and motorists to use their allocated areas.
  • Few people are constructing buildings in the surrounding areas of the Hi-Tech city and some of these buildings are near to junctions and signal points. People coming to these constructing sites are parking their vehicles on the road near signal points which further is causing traffic issues. Officials should take severe action against those who park their vehicles in public places. The illegal constructions should be demolished and most importantly officials should give permissions to only those constructions which have parking space.
  • As we see, in most of the areas, the private schools leave their buses parked on the roadside or in the public parking areas due to lack of parking facility. This further causes problem to the motorists and leads to traffic jams. Respective officials should take strict action against such schools and solve parking issues of the general public.
  • In areas with high traffic and parking problems, the Government should build multi-floor buildings and provide parking facilities. In most of the areas, the U-Turns have been set up in empty spaces between the Metro Pillars. It would be nice if the officials allocate the rest of the spaces between the Metro pillars for parking.
  • Auto drivers in the city usually halt their Auto’s on the roadsides and causing trouble to pedestrians and motorists. The officials should control such auto drivers.
  • The Government should take initiative and build parking slots to avoid Hyderabad parking problems. People’s thinking should also change and the public should also take initiative and park their vehicles in free parking areas only instead of parking vehicles on the roadside.

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