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Hyderabad Metro Train and Metro Bus Travel Differences

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The most awaited and turning point of Hyderabad transport system i.e. Hyderabad Metro train has started officially on November 28th. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially launched the first phase of Hyderabad metro train at the Miyapur station. The services of Hyderabad metro train for general public were started from November 29th from 6 AM. The Hyderabad metro train received an overwhelming response as over 2 lakh people travelled on the first day. Apart from this there is still a short debate over factors like how long does it take to reach our destination in the Metro train? And how long does it take to reach the same destination if we travel in a bus? What would be the cost difference and also difference between times? In order to get answers for this debate a passenger named Ravi on Thursday travelled from Ameerpet to Nagole station on metro train and later he travelled back from Nagole to Ameerpet metro station by RTC Xpress bus. He experienced few minor differences and the convenience is also different for each transportation.

Hyderabad Metro Rail & Metro Bus Differences
Hyderabad Metro Rail Hyderabad Metro Bus
49 Minutes / 45/- 65 Minutes / 27/-
3:30 Ameerpet 4:33 Nagole
3:30 Ameerpet 4:33 Nagole
3:38 Begumpet 4:35 Uppal
3:42 Prakashnagar 4:42 NGRI
3:44 Rasoolpura 4:45 Habsiguda
3:47 Paradise 4:48 Tarnaka
3:50 Pared ground 4:50 Iriset
3:53 Secunderabad 4:52 Mettuguda
3:57 Metuguda 4:54 Chilakalguda
4:03 Tarnaka 4:57 Boiguda
4:07 Habsiguda 5:01 Secunderabad
4:09 NGRI 5:13 Patny
1:12 Uppal Stadium 5:19 Paradise
4:15 Uppal 5:23 Prakashnagar
4:19 Nagole 5:28 Shyamlal
5:33 Lalbangla
5:38 Ameerpet

It took 49 minutes to travel from Ameerpet to Nagole on metro train. The Ticket price to travel on metro train is Rs.45/- and the price if you have a metro card is Rs.42/-. When he travelled on metro bus from Nagole to Ameerpet, it took 1 hour 5 minutes to reach the destination, as there were no direct busses from Nagole to Ameerpet, he first took a bus from Nagole to Secunderabad and the bus fare was Rs. 16/-. He then got down in Bhoyiguda and from there he took another bus for Ameerpet which again cost him Rs.11/-. The total amount he spent to travel from Nagole to Ameerpet was Rs.27/-. Due to traffic jams near Secunderabad and Patny, Paradise circle it took approximately 9 minutes in the traffic jam and he reached Ameerpet within 1 hour 5 minutes.

Both the transport systems i.e. Hyderabad metro train and metro buses have their own conveniences and comfortabilities. People enjoy beautiful view of Hyderabad while travelling in the metro train. Hyderabad metro train helps to control the pollution, traffic jams and also air and sound pollution. Hyderabad metro helps passengers to reach their destinations and work on time and eliminate work delays. Though the price is little high compared to the bus services, you will be reaching your work on time without any delays. Hyderabad metro bus services are serving the passengers from decades and became part of our lives. Hyderabad Metro train helps to improve the health of Hyderabadis by reducing the air and sound pollution and Hyderabad metro also helps to reduce the stress of driving in hectic traffic jams. Hyderabad metro officials took several safety measures to ensure the safety of passengers especially female passengers. Women can enjoy safe journey due to several measures like constant monitoring of metro coaches with CCTV cameras and also by deploying women police officials on metro coaches and stations.

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