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Hyderabad Metro between Ameerpet- Hi-Tech City stretch to start by the end of January

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Hyderabad Metro between Ameerpet- Hi-Tech City stretch to start by the end of January

With the success of experimental Metro trial run, Ameerpet to Hi-Tech City stretch, to start at the end of this January.

 Metro works on Hi- tech city stretch are completed at a rapid rate. With the success of trail run, security checks are about to be finished. Officials have requested the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CMRS) to conduct these security inspections. The high-tech city route is more complicated than the other Metro lines that have so far started and needs more precise checks. After the checks and ensuring safety measures they then decide the date. Officials say that after the formation of the cabinet in the state, the Municipal and Urban development minister could take the view of the date of the government and approve it.

Metro trail runs have been run in this route in the nights since November 29 i.e. almost a month and a half. As there is no reversal option in the last station i.e. Hi- Tech city, the trains are running in twin single mode. Even though the trail runs are completed till the scheduled dates, officials are continuing to perform trial runs till the inauguration.

Till Jubilee Hills Check Post…..

Generally, if the Metro train goes on one track, they come back on another track. This is currently not possible on the Ameerpet-Hi-tech City route. Later, to the rest of four stations namely Pedhamma Gudi, Madhapur, Durgam Cheruvu and Hi- Tech city the Metro will go in the twin single line. Since there are only four stations, officials say that there won’t be any major time disruption.

  • Currently, for every 7 minutes, a Metro is running between Nagole to Ameerpet and this same train goes to Hi- Tech city.
  • On the first track, the Metro coming from Nagole can easily go towards Hi- Tech city without any hurdles.
  • The Metro train while coming back changes to the second track at the Jubilee Hills check-post.
  • In the mean while the first Metro reaches its destination on the first track and changes to the second track at the Jubilee Hills check-post and reaches Nagole.
  • In those single laned four stations, people can use any platform to travel up or down.

Commuters should wait a little longer

It takes around 8 to 10 minutes the Metro to reach Hi- Tech city from Jubilee Hills check-post. The train again comes back on the same route so it takes another 10 minutes. Hence the commuters should wait a little longer nearly 10 minutes than the regular 7 minutes for the Metro. 

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