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Penalty to Parents if Children Drive without License

September 9th, 2017 No comments

Telangana traffic police to control traffic violations, accidents and for peoples safety introduced strict rules on violators like penalty points along with penalties. RTA and traffic department announcing new ideas and list of strict rules based on the Motor Vehicles Act to control traffic violations and for safety. As we all know the traffic police being strict regarding several traffic offenses like driving without license, without helmet, without seatbelt, triple riding, drunk and drive, wrong side parking, jumping traffic signal and many more. Now the officials are focusing on minors driving without license. With an increase in road accidents due to under aged divers and people with no driving license in areas like Jubilee hills and Banjara Hills traffic officials are focusing on vehicle owners. Giving vehicles to minors or people with no license, the owners would be booked for allowing kids to drive. In order to control bike race and other consequences traffic police are taking action against vehicle owners.

Under aged children are using their parent’s vehicles or relatives vehicles to participate in bike races. To avoid the checking points minors are using wrong roots and other roads where they are meeting with accidents. To control the situation and misfortunes to minor driver’s traffic officials are organizing counseling sections for kids and parents. Owners of vehicles would be held responsible for minors driving and giving vehicles to people without license. Both parents and minors will be booked if children drive without license under motor vehicle act (MVA)

Minors who drive a vehicle without license will be charged Rs.500/- penalty under M.V.Act. 181.
Parents would be booked to allow an unauthorized person to drive a vehicle and charged Rs.1000/- under M.V.Act.180.

Parents who are encouraging their minors by giving them vehicles would be punished under Juvenile Justice Act-2015. Vehicle owners are giving their vehicles to other people without license in the heavy traffic areas like Abids, Koti, Narayanaguda, Himayath Nagar, RTC x roads, Ameerpet and S.R Nagar. Traffic officials are mainly focusing on these vehicle owners and the drivers without license and conducting counseling classes. Both vehicle owners and drivers would be booked under M.V.Act. and their details would be submitted to the court and if these people violate the rules more than two times, they will be punished severely.

Central government is also implementing strict new traffic rules to control the traffic violations and accidents. Traffic DCP A.V Ranganath in a press conference said that they are mainly focusing on the vehicle owners along with the drivers and also mentioned vehicle owners and parents not to give vehicles to others or their minor children to avoid penalties and punishments.

Hyderabad Traffic Rules

August 7th, 2017 No comments

Traffic Rules

Following road safety and traffic rules is very important to control accidents and violation of rules. Hyderabad traffic police are to get stricter with the latest G.O brought by central government. Motorists who violate the traffic rules will accrue penalty points along with penalty and imprisonment. Different fines are charged to motorists depending on the violation of rules. It is very important for the motorists to drive carefully following the rules and sped limits to avoid penalties, accumulating points in their account and imprisonment.

MV acts and Fines charged to motorists include

Fines charged for offense related to Documents

  • Driving without license- according to M.V Act 181, motorists would be charged penalty of Rs.500/-.
  • Driving a vehicle without registration- according to M.V Act 192(1), motorists would be charged penalty of Rs.2000/-.
  • Driving a vehicle without insurance- according to M.V Act 196, motorists would be charged Rs.1000/-.
  • Driving vehicles by Minors or individuals with less than prescribed age- according to M.V Act 181, the minor will
  • Be charged penalty of Rs.500/- and the owner would be charged penalty of Rs.1000/-.

Fines charged for offence related to driving

  • Driving a vehicle at high aped, rashly and negligently- according to M.V Act 184 (b), the driver would be charged Rs.1000/-.
  • Driving without wearing Helmet- according to M.V Act 129/177, the motorist would be charged penalty of Rs. 200/-.
  • Driving a vehicle dangerously posing threat to lives of people- A case would be booked according to section IPC 279 and the motorist should attend court.
  • Travelling on footboard- according to M.V Act 123(1), individual would be fined Rs.200/- and he should attend RTC mobile court.
  • Vehicles driven by mentally and physically challenged people- according to M.V Act 186, the individuals would be charged penalty of Rs.200/-.
  • To run away after committing accidents- according to M.V Act 187, the motorists should attend the court.
  • To drive an unsafe vehicle- according to M.V Act 190 (i), the driver should be presented in court.
  • Driving an overweight vehicle- according to M.V Act 194, the motorist would be charged RS.1000/- per ton.
  • Wrong side driving- according to M.V Act 199/177, penalty of Rs.1100/- would be charged.

Fines charged for offence related to road marking

  • Violation of stop line- according to M.V Act 177, the motorist would be charged Rs.200/- penalty.
  • Violation of traffic signal- according to M.V Act 177, the motorist would be charged Rs.200/- penalty.
  • Driving vehicles with irregular number plates- according to M.V Act 80 (a), the individuals would be charged Rs.200/- penalty.
  • Violation of signal jumping- according to M.V Act 184, the motorists would be charged penalty of Rs.1000/-.
  • Violation of non stopping on police signal- according to M.V Act 177, Rs. 200/- would be charged as penalty.
  • Riding 3 people on a two wheeler- according to M.V Act 184, Rs.1200/- penalty would be charged.

Fines charged for offence related to parking

  • Parking of vehicles in a manner which cause disturbance to others- according to M.V Act 177, Rs.200 would be charged along with the crane charges for moving the vehicle ranging from Rs. 150/- to Rs.600/-.
  • Parking vehicles at no parking boards- according to M.V Act 122, 177, Rs.1000/- would be charged.
  • Violation of no entry- according to M.V Act 177, motorists would be charged Rs.200/- as penalty.
  • Violation of one way- according to M.V Act 177, Rs.200 would be charged.
  • Violation of U- Turn and entering prohibited area- according to M.V Act 177, the motorists would be charged penalty of Rs.200/-.

Telangana Government for the first time launching penalty point system for traffic violation to control the accidents, high speed and to improve road safety. According to this if an individual accrue more than 12 points within a period of 24 months his/her license would be cancelled for a year.

No. Of points added to individual accounts

  • 1 point- people will accrue 1 point into their account if they do not wear helmet and seatbelt. The auto drivers will accrue a point if a passenger sits beside the driver.
  • 2 points- people will accrue 2 points if they drive in wrong side driving, carrying people in transport vehicles, talking on mobiles while driving, jumping signals and driving with a above 40 km/hr.
  • 3 points- 3 point swill be added to account if individuals drive with high speed, drunk and drive and so on.
  • 4 point- exceeding the limit of alcohol consumption and driving vehicles or heavy transport vehicles.
  • 5 points- motorists would be charged 5 points if he uses a vehicle for chain snatching, robbery, accidents, drunk and driving a car, auto, cab and RTC bus.

Hyderabad needs well qualified traffic authorities

April 20th, 2009 4 comments

Ask a Hyderabadi about the likes and dislikes about Hyderabad. Likes may vary from Birla Temple, Golconda, Charminar, Hyderabadi Biryani and etc, but the dislike is very common “Hyderabad Traffic”. Before blaming traffic we should ask ourselves, how many times have we not broken the traffic rules? How many times have we stopped after the red light at signals? I have seen people rushing at signals after flashing the red light as well. If each of us starts obeying Traffic rules, then for sure Hyderabad Traffic won’t be like this.

Even the state Government should be blamed for Traffic. There are many reasons where state Govt. is held responsible. For example the number of 2 wheelers & 4 wheelers are increasing in the city, then why not the number of flyovers increasing? & There are many flyovers which were started 5 years ago & still under construction. All this is because of the poor traffic management.

Hyderabad needs well qualified traffic authorities, who are familiar with the policies to make traffic managed & convenient. Only then we can say Hyderabad is really developing.

But does any body thought of the reason why traffic has become a ………….

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