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Challan if you Cross the Speed Limit

October 5th, 2017 No comments

To control the speed limit traffic police are coming up with new ideas and planning. Because of long weekends police are aiming for special checking with CC Cameras to control speed limit and most importantly hill racing.

With long weekends youngsters in city are heading towards hills and racing. This is leading to road accidents, traffic police are focusing on this mainly to avoid these problems. Traffic police are mainly focusing on racing areas like Banjara hills and Jubilee hills and also taking serious actions on those who violate traffic rules and regulations. They are also taking into custody, conducting special drives and also giving counseling to those who are rash driving and also participating in racings. Booking cases on them under MV act and also warning them if they are caught for second time they will be sent directly to jail. According to police officials Rich kids from areas like Patha basthi, Malakpet and Dilshuk nagar are mainly using these roads for racings. These kids during day they are spending time in Pubs and bars and later at night are participating in racings. Dealing these cases has become headache for traffic officials due to celebrity’s kids. Many unfortunates are already happened due to their racings.

Though it is restricted to drive above speed limit of 60 Km/hr near Banjara hills, KBR Park, but more than 100 vehicles are violating the rules. Racings are also increasing in these areas. To control the situation near KBR park traffic official are planning to use the CC cameras organised by Metro officials. With the help of CC TV footage it is proven that for every 10 minutes more than 110 vehicles are exceeding the speed limit. After 12 PM, cars are also driven at a speed of 120 Km/hr on these roads and traffic police are planning to take serious action on these people. The CC cameras at KBR park are capable of recognizing and taking the photos of vehicle of speed 180 Km/hr. Advanced technology lens are used in these cameras, they act as evidence when the owners approach court lying about the speed limit.

Banjara Hills traffic CI Vidhyasagar Rao, on an interview stated that they are collecting and saving the details of racers like Adhar card and licence details on database and if they tend to regularly participate in racing, charge sheet will be booked against them. He also stated their passport and visa may also get rejected.

Jubilee Hills traffic CI Srinivas Reddy stated that the change and determination not to violate the traffic rules should come in people and also stated that they are taking all necessary steps to bring the change. He said there is a little change in racers because of giving regular counsellings to the parents. The traffic police are planning to conduct these special drives until the rash driving cases get controlled. He also mentioned that there is an increase in mid night accidents due to the racers.

Penalty to Parents if Children Drive without License

September 9th, 2017 No comments

Telangana traffic police to control traffic violations, accidents and for peoples safety introduced strict rules on violators like penalty points along with penalties. RTA and traffic department announcing new ideas and list of strict rules based on the Motor Vehicles Act to control traffic violations and for safety. As we all know the traffic police being strict regarding several traffic offenses like driving without license, without helmet, without seatbelt, triple riding, drunk and drive, wrong side parking, jumping traffic signal and many more. Now the officials are focusing on minors driving without license. With an increase in road accidents due to under aged divers and people with no driving license in areas like Jubilee hills and Banjara Hills traffic officials are focusing on vehicle owners. Giving vehicles to minors or people with no license, the owners would be booked for allowing kids to drive. In order to control bike race and other consequences traffic police are taking action against vehicle owners.

Under aged children are using their parent’s vehicles or relatives vehicles to participate in bike races. To avoid the checking points minors are using wrong roots and other roads where they are meeting with accidents. To control the situation and misfortunes to minor driver’s traffic officials are organizing counseling sections for kids and parents. Owners of vehicles would be held responsible for minors driving and giving vehicles to people without license. Both parents and minors will be booked if children drive without license under motor vehicle act (MVA)

Minors who drive a vehicle without license will be charged Rs.500/- penalty under M.V.Act. 181.
Parents would be booked to allow an unauthorized person to drive a vehicle and charged Rs.1000/- under M.V.Act.180.

Parents who are encouraging their minors by giving them vehicles would be punished under Juvenile Justice Act-2015. Vehicle owners are giving their vehicles to other people without license in the heavy traffic areas like Abids, Koti, Narayanaguda, Himayath Nagar, RTC x roads, Ameerpet and S.R Nagar. Traffic officials are mainly focusing on these vehicle owners and the drivers without license and conducting counseling classes. Both vehicle owners and drivers would be booked under M.V.Act. and their details would be submitted to the court and if these people violate the rules more than two times, they will be punished severely.

Central government is also implementing strict new traffic rules to control the traffic violations and accidents. Traffic DCP A.V Ranganath in a press conference said that they are mainly focusing on the vehicle owners along with the drivers and also mentioned vehicle owners and parents not to give vehicles to others or their minor children to avoid penalties and punishments.

Accident at Necklace Road

June 3rd, 2009 No comments

Accident at Necklace Road


The abouve accident is not new in Hyderabad. This is common in Hyderabad for accidents.

Please follow Hyderabad Traffic rules and safe your valuable life.