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Hyderabad Maynot be worried about Pakring issues In Future

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Solving parking issues

Throughout Telangana People can park their vehicles road side if the width of the road is more than 40 feet. But if you exceed the time limit people should pay the fees. Government of Telangana also planning to issue licence to the private people for parking areas. In order to solve parking issues government is also planning to bring multi level parking services, depending on private and government partnership mode. Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development K T Rama Rao informed that Telangana government is planning to bring on new parking policy by keeping in mind the increase in arrival of new vehicles on to the roads and to ease traffic issues. He also informed that they are dividing the parking places into 7 categories. He also said that they are going to collect parking fees from the shop owners who will park their vehicles in front of the shop all the day and causes inconvenience to the people. Minister attended review meeting about the parking issues with GHMC, Metro Rail and City Police Commissioners on Monday. He said at first the most crowded areas within the three commissionerates of Hyderabad city and implements the new process under pilot project. They will implement this system by the end of December. In different phases they will implement this process in all municipalities. He also said that they are bringing up a special mobile app which helps to know about the available parking places. UMTA will be responsible for implementing the parking fees system.

KTR meeting today on Aushadhanagari

KTR to conduct high level meeting at HICC on Tuesday regarding the aushadhanagari which will be set up in the city outskirts on National Investments and Production Board.

KTR on lorry owners problems

Minister KTR promised to solve the lorry owner’s problems. Under the supervision of Mahaboobnagar MLA Srinivas Gowda, the representatives of Lorry Owners’ Association Bhaskar Reddy, Saleem and Rajendra met KTR on Monday at Secretariat. Minister Lakshma reddy also participated in this meeting and requested to bring single permit policy in AP and Telangana. He also requested to change lorry industry into service industry, change the petrol into GST and to cancel the daily price policy and also to implement the same price policy. The representatives of lorry owners association informed the minister that without disturbing the supply of daily essentials, their strike is going on from past two days. They also requested to save the industry. KTR replied that soon the transport Minister Mahender Reddy will conduct a meeting with the higher officials and solve their problems very soon.

Few elements of new parking system

  • According to the new system the parking categories are divided into seven like on street, low lying parking, residential buildings, government offices, public areas, heavy vehicle parking, bus/train/ MMTS stations, open places.
  • For on street parking minimum of 40 feet width is compulsory. Parking is not allowed if the roads are below 40 feet. If the roads are more than 40 feet, then short time parking slots will be permitted for banks and shops. Parking fees will be charged and there will be no scope for long hour parking.
  • According to the rules of building construction, parking terms should be followed. For newly constructed buildings, the tax would be excluded for parking floors.
  • Management of theatres, hotels and restaurants are responsible for taking care of parking.
  • According to the latest system, parking heavy vehicles on roads will be stopped. Those vehicles should be parked in special places.
  • Parking facilities will also be available with private partnership. Facilities would be developed under PPP system.
  • Licence policy will be developed to park the vehicles in the places of private people. 100% property tax exemption would be provided if those places are allocated for parking.

Hyderabad Traffic Rules

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Traffic Rules

Following road safety and traffic rules is very important to control accidents and violation of rules. Hyderabad traffic police are to get stricter with the latest G.O brought by central government. Motorists who violate the traffic rules will accrue penalty points along with penalty and imprisonment. Different fines are charged to motorists depending on the violation of rules. It is very important for the motorists to drive carefully following the rules and sped limits to avoid penalties, accumulating points in their account and imprisonment.

MV acts and Fines charged to motorists include

Fines charged for offense related to Documents

  • Driving without license- according to M.V Act 181, motorists would be charged penalty of Rs.500/-.
  • Driving a vehicle without registration- according to M.V Act 192(1), motorists would be charged penalty of Rs.2000/-.
  • Driving a vehicle without insurance- according to M.V Act 196, motorists would be charged Rs.1000/-.
  • Driving vehicles by Minors or individuals with less than prescribed age- according to M.V Act 181, the minor will
  • Be charged penalty of Rs.500/- and the owner would be charged penalty of Rs.1000/-.

Fines charged for offence related to driving

  • Driving a vehicle at high aped, rashly and negligently- according to M.V Act 184 (b), the driver would be charged Rs.1000/-.
  • Driving without wearing Helmet- according to M.V Act 129/177, the motorist would be charged penalty of Rs. 200/-.
  • Driving a vehicle dangerously posing threat to lives of people- A case would be booked according to section IPC 279 and the motorist should attend court.
  • Travelling on footboard- according to M.V Act 123(1), individual would be fined Rs.200/- and he should attend RTC mobile court.
  • Vehicles driven by mentally and physically challenged people- according to M.V Act 186, the individuals would be charged penalty of Rs.200/-.
  • To run away after committing accidents- according to M.V Act 187, the motorists should attend the court.
  • To drive an unsafe vehicle- according to M.V Act 190 (i), the driver should be presented in court.
  • Driving an overweight vehicle- according to M.V Act 194, the motorist would be charged RS.1000/- per ton.
  • Wrong side driving- according to M.V Act 199/177, penalty of Rs.1100/- would be charged.

Fines charged for offence related to road marking

  • Violation of stop line- according to M.V Act 177, the motorist would be charged Rs.200/- penalty.
  • Violation of traffic signal- according to M.V Act 177, the motorist would be charged Rs.200/- penalty.
  • Driving vehicles with irregular number plates- according to M.V Act 80 (a), the individuals would be charged Rs.200/- penalty.
  • Violation of signal jumping- according to M.V Act 184, the motorists would be charged penalty of Rs.1000/-.
  • Violation of non stopping on police signal- according to M.V Act 177, Rs. 200/- would be charged as penalty.
  • Riding 3 people on a two wheeler- according to M.V Act 184, Rs.1200/- penalty would be charged.

Fines charged for offence related to parking

  • Parking of vehicles in a manner which cause disturbance to others- according to M.V Act 177, Rs.200 would be charged along with the crane charges for moving the vehicle ranging from Rs. 150/- to Rs.600/-.
  • Parking vehicles at no parking boards- according to M.V Act 122, 177, Rs.1000/- would be charged.
  • Violation of no entry- according to M.V Act 177, motorists would be charged Rs.200/- as penalty.
  • Violation of one way- according to M.V Act 177, Rs.200 would be charged.
  • Violation of U- Turn and entering prohibited area- according to M.V Act 177, the motorists would be charged penalty of Rs.200/-.

Telangana Government for the first time launching penalty point system for traffic violation to control the accidents, high speed and to improve road safety. According to this if an individual accrue more than 12 points within a period of 24 months his/her license would be cancelled for a year.

No. Of points added to individual accounts

  • 1 point- people will accrue 1 point into their account if they do not wear helmet and seatbelt. The auto drivers will accrue a point if a passenger sits beside the driver.
  • 2 points- people will accrue 2 points if they drive in wrong side driving, carrying people in transport vehicles, talking on mobiles while driving, jumping signals and driving with a above 40 km/hr.
  • 3 points- 3 point swill be added to account if individuals drive with high speed, drunk and drive and so on.
  • 4 point- exceeding the limit of alcohol consumption and driving vehicles or heavy transport vehicles.
  • 5 points- motorists would be charged 5 points if he uses a vehicle for chain snatching, robbery, accidents, drunk and driving a car, auto, cab and RTC bus.

Traffic penalty Echallan HYDERABAD

August 6th, 2011 No comments

Have seen now a days E challan penalty being collected on the road with the help of the machine.. Instead of this ..Keep E challan booth/kiosk places like government offices and major parking places in the city.. these booth need to be permanent basis.. its hassle free for both the parties.

Traffic rules in india

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Traffic rules in India:

Every one should follow the traffic rules. These are not rules, we do not think negative. Because no one can interest to follow the rules. Just think positive way and follow safety things.

In summer weather is very hot. Every vehicle owner  can drive over speed. But do not go like that. Control your self and safely reach your sweat home.

Traffic symbols

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traffic symbols

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