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GHMC to introduce speed laser guns to check and control over speeding of vehicles

August 6th, 2017 No comments

GHMC to introduce speed laser guns to check and control over speeding of vehicles. In spite of notification issued by Hyderabad commissionarate in 2009 regarding the speed limit, it failed to serve the purpose. To control accidents and to limit the speed on roads GHMC to introduce speed laser guns in different places. According to the notification issued 4 wheelers should not exceed the speed limit 60km/hr and 2 wheelers should not exceed the speed limit maximum 50 km/hr. On PVNR express way connecting Mehdipatnam with Hyderabad International Airport the speed limit is fixed to maximum 80 km/hr and the 4 wheelers should not exceed the speed limit. The speed limit fixed for different places may vary depending on the situation. People who don’t know regarding the laser speed guns and exceeding the speed limit may score points to their account.

Motorists are asked to look at the speed limit on those particular roads as it ranges from 10 km/hr depending on the areas where there are sharp curves, elevated corridor, road crossings, school zones and etc. GHMC depending on the reports given by traffic police officers placing these speed limit boards on almost all areas. Almost all roads are being covered like Tank Bund, connecting road between Tarnaka to Aalugadda Bavi, Tirumalagiri to Dairy farm Road and others. The speed limit on Tank Bund is fixed to maximum 30 km/hr taking several conditions into consideration. Taking into consideration several aspects and the high risk of accidents on places like connecting road between Tarnaka to Aalugadda Bavi, Tirumalagiri to Dairy farm Road the maximum speed limit is fixed from 20-30 km/hr. Depending on the area, traffic and taking into account other aspects GHMC placed speed limit boards on different areas.

Speed laser guns located in different areas can easily capture the speed limit, violation of rules and assists the traffic officials in controlling them. Motorists should be aware of the speed limit on that particular area and should follow the rules. Those who are violating the traffic rules like speed limits, not wearing seat belts and helmets are awarded penalty points. According to the latest laws people who cross 12 points, their driving licence will be cancelled for one year. Motorists who violate the speed limit with a speed below 40 km/hr will accumulate 2 points into their list and people who violate the speed limit with a speed above 40 km/hr will acquire 3 points.

Traffic officials with the help of speed laser guns and breathe analyzer’s hopes to control the accidents.

Traffic penalty Echallan HYDERABAD

August 6th, 2011 No comments

Have seen now a days E challan penalty being collected on the road with the help of the machine.. Instead of this ..Keep E challan booth/kiosk places like government offices and major parking places in the city.. these booth need to be permanent basis.. its hassle free for both the parties.

Accident at Necklace Road

June 3rd, 2009 No comments

Accident at Necklace Road


The abouve accident is not new in Hyderabad. This is common in Hyderabad for accidents.

Please follow Hyderabad Traffic rules and safe your valuable life.

Hyderabad needs well qualified traffic authorities

April 20th, 2009 4 comments

Ask a Hyderabadi about the likes and dislikes about Hyderabad. Likes may vary from Birla Temple, Golconda, Charminar, Hyderabadi Biryani and etc, but the dislike is very common “Hyderabad Traffic”. Before blaming traffic we should ask ourselves, how many times have we not broken the traffic rules? How many times have we stopped after the red light at signals? I have seen people rushing at signals after flashing the red light as well. If each of us starts obeying Traffic rules, then for sure Hyderabad Traffic won’t be like this.

Even the state Government should be blamed for Traffic. There are many reasons where state Govt. is held responsible. For example the number of 2 wheelers & 4 wheelers are increasing in the city, then why not the number of flyovers increasing? & There are many flyovers which were started 5 years ago & still under construction. All this is because of the poor traffic management.

Hyderabad needs well qualified traffic authorities, who are familiar with the policies to make traffic managed & convenient. Only then we can say Hyderabad is really developing.

But does any body thought of the reason why traffic has become a ………….

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Overloaded timber truck near ameerpet

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