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PVNR Expressway from Aramghar to Mehdipatnam to be partially closed for road repairs

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Traffic restrictions imposed on the PV Narasimha Rao (PVNR) Expressway for road repair work. The Expressway between Aramghar (Agriculture college gate) and Mehdipatnam is partially closed in one place and the passengers using this road are requested to use alternate routes. The road leading to the Expressway after crossing the Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University is completed closed. However, on the way to Mehdipatnam from Aramghar, officials have arranged two lanes to get on to the PVNR Express way. These two lanes are nearer to Aramghar.

Expressway to be closed completely in two days 

As the Expressway is partially closed now, the passengers are still using the PVNR Express way. As of now, the repair works have started on the closed road. With this closure of the Express way, passengers coming from Shamshabad can no longer use the PVNR Expressway and they need to brace up themselves to use the high traffic roads below the bridge. After completing the repair works on one side of the road, the repair work on the other side of the Expressway will be started said Rajendhranagar Traffic Inspector Srinivas. Hyderabad Traffic officials have claimed that these works continue for nearly 2 months.

This is the first time to close the Expressway      

After the opening of the Express way, this is the first time to close the Express way. Earlier, when accidents or other road mishaps occurred on the Express way, the Hyderabad traffic officials partially closed the road for a few hours to avoid traffic congestions on the Express way. Even during the New Year celebrations, the officials have imposed few restrictions and also closed the Expressway on night times. But this is the first time that the Expressway is closed for nearly 45 days to 2 months for road repairs since the Expressway is available. The officials have long proposed to repair this Expressway and finally, the work of blacktopping of the entire Expressway has started. Currently, the existing BT is removed completely and the White Tapping road is being constructed said the work supervisor. He also added that it takes around 45 days to 2 months to complete repair works on one side of the Expressway (i.e. from Aramghar to Mehdipatnam) and another 45 days to 2 months for repairing the other side i.e. from Mehdipatnam to Aramghar.    

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