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Hyderabad Traffic Police book cases against motorists with modified silencers causing noise pollution

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Hyderabad traffic police are now taking strict action against young bikers and motorists, who opt for modified silencers for their bikes in order to control the raising noise pollution. So beware of your vehicles making more noise beyond the limit. The Hyderabad Traffic police are now using the sound level meters (SLM) to measures the noise levels in decibels and are also filing cases against motorists if the noise is beyond the limit. As many elders, women and students travelling in busses and other vehicles are getting startled with these thumping sounds, hence the Traffic Police officials have decided to take care of these violators. Special squads have been set up in junctions and connecting roads, who record the details of bikes and cars with the high noise level and file cases against the motorists. Traffic officials are seizing the vehicles and are returning them to the motorists only after attending the counselling. At present, these special teams are set up in S R Nagar and Saifabad traffic police divisions and are getting hold of motorists making loud noises on the road. The S R Nagar traffic police are saying that they are booking around 4 to 5 cases per day.

For the first time in Hyderabad, these sound meters are used

The Hyderabad Traffic Police brought up Sound meters to control raising noise pollution. The Hyderabad traffic officials have decided to use the sound meters in the city just like how they are used by London traffic police. The police officials who purchased the sound meters a few months ago have experimentally used them near function halls to record the noise levels made by the musical instruments and also booked cases against the violators. After completing the trial tests, these instruments are now used to catch hold of the bullet racers and motorists who particularly are violating the rules by using altered silencers. The traffic police are focussing more on the main areas where hospitals, schools and colleges are located. Noise pollution cannot exceed 50 decibels in the main areas of the city. Unfortunately, the police found that in areas such as Abids, Koti, Secunderabad, Begumpet, Jubilee Hills, Khairathabad, Punjagutta, and Amberpet it is between 80 decibels to 120 decibels. Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic) Anil Kumar said that they are using these sound meters with an aim to prevent sound pollution from now on.

Identify the noisy vehicles and stop the motorist at the very next junction

The Traffic police are planning and implementing a perfect plan to catch the motorists who are modifying the silencers and are frightening the general public with the thumping sounds. Special teams are appointed and they are going to the areas with similar conditions. These teams identify the bikes or vehicles making these startling sounds and will alert the traffic police of very next station, these traffic police will catch these bikers using their vehicle number plates. Later the traffic officials or special team officers come to these motorists and ask them to start the vehicle, then the sound meter records the sound levels, if the noise level is more than the prescribed levels, then cases will be booked on the motorists.

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