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Hyderabad Metro Rail Rules and Regulations

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Here are few strict rules and regulations of metro trains

  • Individuals should not sit on the floor of metro train and should not occupy seats which are allocated for ladies, elder people and also handicapped people. If anyone violates the rules they will be charged big penalties up to Rs.500/-.
  • One should be on platform within 30 minutes after purchasing the token or smart card. If you exceed the time limit you should buy another token.
  • One can carry up to 10 kg’s luggage for free of cost, if that limit exceeds you should pay for the extra luggage as a Ticket.
  • Even after paying extra, you can only carry up to 40 kg’s and not more than that.
  • Items like knives, matchboxes, petrol, gas cylinders, lighters and kerosene are not permitted in the metro train.
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption and splitting are strictly prohibited in metro train.
  • Pasting stickers or writing on metro trains are also strictly not allowed, if any one caught doing these actions they will be charged fine of Ra.1000/- or 6 months imprisonment.

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