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Ghanshyam Ojha

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Ghanshyam Ojha, President of a voluntary organisation named Indian Youth Secured Organisation (IYSO) is an energetic social activist. Being the resident of Karimnagar, India, he is fighting for the welfare and development of the city. He is currently working at Peace & Welfare Committee Karimnagar, Anti-Corruption Team India and Young India Mission.  

He with a burning zeal to change the society, initiated and actively participated in several social awareness programmes. Mr.Ghanshyam Ojha conducted several “Road Safety” awareness campaigns in many colleges and public places to educate the public and youngsters about road safety and to control the road mishaps. He even came up with “365 On The Road” (Mission: 365 Days Road Non-Stop Road Safety Awareness) concept, where he and his teammates conduct several campaigns on the road about traffic rules, road safety and importance of wearing Helmet.

Mr.Ghanshyam Ojha along with his team of young graduates initiated “Mission Slate” in order to motivate child beggars and rag pickers to go to school. He firmly believes that by educating poor background children, he can end child labor and bring much change in their condition. Under this mission, they are distributing slates and school bags to the children and encouraging them to go to schools.

His team members mainly go to slum areas and educate the parents to send their kids to Government Schools instead of sending them for work or rag picking. He further added that currently, they are conducting their programmes only in Karimnagar and have a plan to expand it across the State in the near future.

Apart from his above works, he even became a Blood donor on Facebook in 2017 and helped many needy people.    

He also founded several other missions namely

  • Young India Mission
  • Safer Indian Roads
  • Indian Youth Secured Organisation

Anti-Corruption Team India

How to reach Mr.Ghanshyam Ojha : Facebook

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